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101 Dalmatians: Panther De Ville 1974

101 Dalmatians: One of my favorite movies!
I'm expecially fascinated in Cruella De Vil character, I love her design, her personality and ... her car 
So I decided to bring to life my personal version of the car, and change the original colors and textures of the body.
Here you can see the car in "Villa Valmanara ai Nani", a historic Villa based in Vicenza (Italy).
I wasn't able to find good location on the internet, so after a deep research (a BIG THANK YOU to Claudia Barraco for helped me find this place) I decided to visit Villa Valmanara. Then I personally made the Villa's Photos, and also HDRI map for the global illumination.
After Villa Valmanara I tried to put the car into another places (Box, Palazzo Ducale, streets ...) but the feedback in my opinion was very bad. I tryed to figured out what type of emotion give to viewer. What do you think about that?